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Genius Data Science is a boutique firm specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, performance research, and optimization.
We understand business, love data, and are analytics geniuses - this combination of capabilities allows us to translate any challenge into an analytical solution.
Specializing in Big Data, structured & unstructured data, and taking diverse analytical approaches, we develop cloud and on-premises solutions in Python & R, and more

“Big Data is only data
until you do something with it.”

Hezi Heber, CEO

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Products and solutions

IBM SPSS Modeler​

Drive ROI and accelerate time to value with an intuitive, drag-and-drop data science tool

IBM SPSS Statistics​

The most widely-used software for statistical data analysis in Israel and around the world.

SPC - Statistical Process Control

Real-time statistics and quality control

Predictive Operational Analytics​

AI for manufacturing, operations, and IoT environments

Open-Ended Text Coding (OTC)

Linguistic analysis of Hebrew free text

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization​

An environment for developing and implementing models for performance research and decision-making optimization

Sales Booster​

Boosting B2B sales and generating smart orders

Genius Magic Publisher

Smart software that generates complex reports at the click of a button

What we do


Deep Learning


Social Network Analysis


Text Analytics & NLP


Training Center

Supervised / Unsupervised Learning

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