IBM SPSS Modeler​

IBM SPSS Modeler Ideal work environment for data scientists Ideal platform for data scientists and business analysts. Enables you to gain business insights embedded in the business’s databases. User-friendly, intuitive interface Rich variety of algorithms and application tools Supports multiple technologies IBM SPSS ModelerArtificial intelligence and machine learning at your fingertips Machine Learning Analysis of […]

IBM SPSS Statistics​

IBM SPSS Statistics The most widely-used software for statistical data analysis in Israel and around the world. Statistics is a powerful statistical analytics software that provides multiple varied statistical tools. The software interface is straightforward, easy to learn and operate, and the software products can be easily and quickly integrated into the enterprise’s control and […]

SPC – Statistical Process Control

SPC – Statistical Process Control Real-time statistics and quality control Upgrades quality control processes in production lines Statistical analyses generate real time quality control charts at measurement stations for engineers Analytical capabilities Interactive analytical capabilities alongside continuous, automated ongoing analysis Cloud Based SaaS or On-Premise Installation Open System Fully customizable Web interface Enables control over […]

Predictive Operational Analytics​

Predictive Operational Analytics Smart use of manufacturing data, and data from ERP, IoT devices, and supply chain systems in order to streamline and boost performance. The future is here!A slew of solutions for manufacturing and operating environments,using advanced machine learning technology based on IBM’s SPSS Modeler analytics platform developed by our team of data scientists  […]

Open-Ended Text Coding (OTC)

OTC allows you to analyze any type of content, including:  תוכנה חכמה להפקת דוחות מורכבים בלחיצת כפתור Call Center QA Information extraction from documents Analysis of court decisions Analysis of WhatsApp group dialogues Open-ended survey questions Limitless possibilities Text and entity extraction Semantic analysis using morphology rules Implementing advanced NLP and machine learning approaches Identifying […]

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization​

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization For reaching optimal data science-based decisions IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio is a toolbox and analytical workspace designed for rapid development and implementation of optimization models using  mathematical and constraint planning. ILOG® combines a working environment for model development, a unique optimization programming language (OPL) and the powerful CPLEX® Optimizer engine, […]

Sales Booster​

Sales Booster An AI-based system that contributes to significant ongoing boosting of B2B sales Sales Booster – the ideal B2B sales system for dozens to hundreds of customers with dozens or hundreds of items. As a manager who strives to boost sales and fulfill your customers’ full potential, you probably ask yourself: Am I fulfilling […]

Genius Magic Publisher

MGP – Genius Magic Publisher  Smart software that generates complex reports at the click of a button Another smart product by Genius Data Science If you conduct surveys or statistical studies – you are surely familiar with the need for accurate analysis and speedy production of complex summary reports. Producing the reports is an up-hill […]