IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization

For reaching optimal data science-based decisions

IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio is a toolbox and analytical workspace designed for rapid development and implementation of optimization models using  mathematical and constraint planning.

ILOG® combines a working environment for model development, a unique optimization programming language (OPL) and the powerful CPLEX® Optimizer engine, which quickly solves the built models and provides the customer with an optimized solution. Customers in Israel and around the world use it to significantly improve their business results.

Maximum Operational Efficiency

Improve and streamline the use of business resources – manpower, equipment, vehicles, space. Allocate the best resource for each task, at the best time.

Solving the most complex problems

Compare different alternatives in minutes. The engine can measure the benefits of all existing alternatives, as well as those of alternatives that have not yet been considered yet. The software can tackle the most difficult of conflicts and choose the optimal solution for the user.

Measurable and quick

The results are visible within months, even weeks. Costs drop, profits increase, and service improves. Customers are happier, as are employees.

Use across all industries

Optimization is now being used across all industries: in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, financial services, energy, communications, government, military, and retail. Each industry has its own uses and optimal solutions

IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization allows users to:

Make optimal business decisions

By using extra-strong optimization engines

Quickly develop and implement optimization models

By using flexible working environments and pre-built implementation systmes

Create customized apps

Significantly improve the business results

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