IBM SPSS Modeler

Ideal work environment for data scientists

Ideal platform for data scientists and business analysts. Enables you to gain business insights embedded in the business’s databases.

User-friendly, intuitive interface

Rich variety of algorithms and application tools

Supports multiple technologies

IBM SPSS Modeler
Artificial intelligence and machine learning at your fingertips

Machine Learning

Analysis of large databases using various research methods, such as:
Supervised & Unsupervised Learning
Using algorithms such as: decision trees, neural networks, cluster segmentation, associative relationship identification, anomaly identification, time series analysis, and more.

Text Analysis

Unstructured data analysis in Hebrew, English and multiple languages using advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms

Image Recognition

מגוון אלגוריתמים מתקדמים בתחומים הבאים: Image Recognition, , face recognition, Voice recognition

Open Source Programming

Ability to integrate R, Python code and shared code, as well as GitHub libraries

Unsupervised Learning

Text Mining


Concepts Extraction

Typing & Categorization

Link Analysis


Association Rules

Sequence Analysis

Social Network Analysis

Entity Analytics


Clustering Analysis

Anomaly Detection

Nearest Neighbor

Supervised Learning


Decision Trees

Clustering Analysis

Neural Networks

Decision List

Time Series Analysis

Demo video explaining how to use the software

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