IBM SPSS Statistics

The most widely-used software for statistical data analysis in Israel and around the world.

Statistics is a powerful statistical analytics software that provides multiple varied statistical tools. The software interface is straightforward, easy to learn and operate, and the software products can be easily and quickly integrated into the enterprise’s control and manufacturing processes.

Advanced Chart and Table Display

For reporting, exporting as Office documents, and for enterprise portals.

Data Processing

Merging tables, calculating variables, aggregations, data flattening, data conversion, etc.

Process Automation

By using Syntax as your programming language, you can streamline and edit processes on demand and even generate fully-automated statistical processes.


Statistics boasts a wide variety of regression and variance analyses, segmentation tools, machine learning techniques, time series, process control, neural networks, survival analyses, impressive descriptive statistics tools, and much more!

Direct Data Access

Your data files are simply and easily accessible by Statistics. Get extensive support for a wide range of file types as well as ODBC access for databases at no extra charge and no size restrictions!

Data Scrubbing

Statistics includes tools for various quality tests and data optimization, such as: completing missing values through various methods, identifying and filtering anomalies, and much more!

Demo video explaining how to use the software and the great advantages of using IBM SPSS Statistics

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IBM SPSS Statistics​

The most widely-used software for statistical data analysis in Israel and around the world.

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