Sales Booster

An AI-based system that contributes to significant ongoing boosting of B2B sales

Sales Booster – the ideal B2B sales system for dozens to hundreds of customers with dozens or hundreds of items. As a manager who strives to boost sales and fulfill your customers’ full potential, you probably ask yourself:

Can such potential even be predicted?

How can I find out?

For example: Is there an item the customer buys too little of? Have they forgotten to order it or stopped ordering altogether? Or have they never bought it?

Does the variety cover the customer’s full potential?

Based on sales history, the system is able to recognize – at any given moment – each customer’s purchasing potential per item and whether the customer is fulfilling that potential, and generates up/cross-sale recommendations to close these gap, taking into account seasonality, holidays, promotions, product returns, market trends, feedback, etc.

The system has been very successfully implemented, fully automated, for more than two years by a sizable food company in Israel, with the investment returned within months.

The system was developed by our team of data scientists specializing in advanced analytical solutions for the business sector.

What's special about Sales Booster?

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